About Me

About me

Hi! I’m Cyndee. I’m so glad you’re here!!  

I began blogging in August of 2014! Wife to an awesome guy, mother of three adult children and proud grandma of two adorable granddaughters. 

On my blog I want to share how I enjoy writing, decorating, restoring furniture (on a budget), digital ScrapbookingDIY crafts, and more! Grab a cup of coffee and look around. Follow along and share YOUR creations with me! 

Link up YOUR creations to my Idea Box link party every Thursday beginning at 6:00 a.m.!!  You can also find me on PinterestFacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

More about me

In April of 1979, I graduated from Beauty College and received my cosmetology license. I owned two of my own salons (not at the same time) and I really liked being a hairdresser. I was 21 years old when I was the owner of my first salon. I had a great clientele, but I had to give up my salon, after two years, because I was living in an apartment too and was struggling with expences for two buildings and I was a single mom. 

I began working for a hairdresser in my home town and even though I no longer had my salon to pay for, I still found myself struggling financially. One week, I made $50 and had to give $30 of that to a babysitter. That only left me with $20 for groceries and anything else that came up.

Life was hard for me at that time, so I began working in offices and eventually found myself working in a factory. Working in a factory wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The work was pretty easy and I found a lot of fun friends to hang out with and we had a blast! After working in the factory for one year, I heard of a salon opening (that was attached to a house). I had saved enough money to have my second salon!

I loved being the one owner of that salon that I was renting! I was able to afford my apartment and the salon. Plus, I could bring my daughter to work with me (she was 5 years old at the time - and in kindergarten) and my customers loved her. She was a big help too! She would greet them when they walked in and would sweep up their hair when they left.

I met the man of my dreams when I had that salon. We married and he adopted my daughter. Eventually, we were expecting our second child. We had a son. After two children, we decided we needed a bigger house and we were looking for a house with a salon attached. My salon would have been perfectf or us as it was attached to a house, like we wanted, but the lady I rented from was not ready to sell. So, we found a house that we liked, without a salon, but with the potential to add one on to our house, but that never happened.  :( 

We were expecting our third child and I miscarried which was a very sad time for us. Then a year later, we found out that I was expecting again and we had another daughter! When my children were growing up, it was time for me to go back to work.
I had the office skills and worked as a secretary for many years. My husband worked as a maitenance tech and we still live in the same house. We have been here for 24 years! We just celebrated our 25th anniversary this past May.

Our oldest daughter married and gave us two amazing granddaughters. She is the director of the city and county dispatchers in our home town. My son studied film and lives in Washington state He is video taping in a church. Our youngest daughter is in her junior year of college and working on two majors in counseling and sociology. My husband is still a maintenace tech and I am unemployed, looking for an office position and creating crafts for fun!

Thanks a bunch for stopping by!


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